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"......Two of the most intriguing performances, however, came from non head-liners: bassist Nedra Wheeler's charming and whimsical vocal romp through "Exactly Like You".....Don Heckman-L. A. Times


"Tracy Chapman surrounded herself with artists that bring out her best (bass player Nedra Wheeler, in the band just for this show, brought out the strutty swing....and in doing so hit on a performance unusual not just in its intimacy but in its free-wheeling sprit as well").....Variety

"Charles Mingus' strident jazz march "Nostalgia in Times Square" showcased bassist Nedra Wheeler's amazing talents during the intro and for a solo during the body of the piece....but Wheeler stole the show and everyone's hearts, by singing and playing "Eactly Like You." The show could have ended at this point and everyone would have been happy......Myrna Daniels-L.A. Jazz Scene





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